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'Nature is always an unfailing fountain of inspiration' Sogyal Rinpoche

My Life and work are profoundly connected to the earth, the landscape and all that evolves from it . Its innate form, movement and rhythm inform all that I do.

Life Enhancing Care Work, Swedish Massage and Yoga are the gift I offer the world through work and my role as an End of Life Doula, the thread that runs through.


'...for the first time you'll be aware of gravity. Like a thorn in your heel and your shoulder blades will ache for want of wings...'
Nina Cassian

I aspire that those who work with me, whatever their age or perceived ability are given time and space to explore the freedom of movement and feeling response that comes as we connect with the breath, the spine and the earth. This can be literally life changing. Strain and struggle are not on the agenda but careful attention and a gentle curiosity are.

I hold small classes at my home and in the locality, along with one to one sessions for adults and children. I am inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, and guided by equally intuitive and innovative mentors, namely John Stirk, Louise Simmons .


'...the still point of the turning world...' T.S. Elliot

Receiving a good Swedish massage can be therapeutic, relaxing and also supportive in times of change. Most people feel some benefit from taking time out for a massage including sleeping better, greater flexibility, relief from tension and pain along with a sense of well being. I work mostly from home and try to accommodate each individual’s often busy timetable for appointments. I also attend residential homes where a light and loving touch is particularly well received.


'Actual dying takes about 30 to 45 seconds, the rest is life....'
Alan Kellehear

As a Life Enhancing Care Giver ~ End of Life Doula I am passionate about every moment we are alive being rich with possibilities whatever age or stage we are on our life journey.

Ensuring that our end of life wishes are clearly documented is an important step in living well. It gives reassurance to all concerned but can seem a daunting task. I help and support individuals and families to understand and complete the relevant paperwork.

As Life Enhancing Care Giver I also offer a compassionate heart along with creative and stimulating experiences where relevant to those I care for; our elders aspiring to find richness in the final stage of life or someone with a life limiting illness. These can include light touch hand and foot massage, the creative arts and music, or support fulfil a long held dream.

As an End of Life Doula and Soul Midwife I am a non medical but informed companion who can fulfil an empathetic and supportive role for the dying person and their family. I help with the planning of practical considerations, share the caring and am a supportive presence during the final stages. I aspire to be a catalyst for change in the way we view growing old and dying.

Here rolls the sea
And even here
Lies the other shore
Waiting to be reached
Yes here is the everlasting present
Not distant
Not anywhere else.
May tree in blossom Field in sunlight Flower heads Branches against the sky Beech trunks